Wall@t logo

A financial institution came to us with a request to design an app logo. They had a name and a mobile app in production. The app was an electronic wallet, where you could see all your credit card purchases etc.

The logo needed to look and feel as something to do with technology, internet and electronic payments. All this leads to a distinctly technical font based on squares and geometry. We tried a couple of technical fonts, such as Eurostile and Vitesse.

But the problem lay in the spelling. The proposed name was wall@. Which could be read both as wall-at or wall-ah depending on whether you got the pun. Plus it only worked in English. On top of that, the letters before the @ sign formed a separate work in itself.

Designer set limits

• Thickness of the stroke needs to be either very think or very thin.
The middle weights look too generic. The geometry will have more power in the extremes.

• Lower case letters will look better than upper-case
The upper-case letters don’t mix well with the @ sign.

• The logo should look dynamic
The best way to suggest speed is to use diagonals . We will use italics to solve this.

• The @ sign needs to be recognisable.
If the @ sign is not readable, no one will 1/ get the pun, 2/ be able to read it.

The perfect font

RBNo3.1 samplefont in use

RBNo.3.1 font - perfect for the logo

RBNo3.1 is a sans serif typeface with a technical and geometric appearance. The family includes 9 weights with matching italics. Its large x-height makes it especially legible at small point sizes. The font feels comfortable in technical surroundings with short text passages, in brochures, catalogues, magazines, posters, websites, headlines or logos.

The logo genesis

logo genesis

logo genesis

The only thing that we needed to do is try something with the @ sign.

Variations of the @ sign

@ sign variations

@ sign variations

Final logo

final logo

final logo