Lugi corporate identity

LUGI - a furniture maker found out that his logo no longer reflects its products. It did when Michal Peřina - the owner used to do antique inspired furniture. But since then, he developed new modern ranges. The old logo and the new furniture collided.

LUGI old vs new

We tried to update the old logo, but it proved to be similar to beating a dead horse. So we sat down and tried a different approach. The new furniture is very geometric and rectangular, the logo needed to respect that.


LUGI logo evolution

LUGI logo evolution

Final logo

The final version of the logo used a very simplified outline of a tree together with a retouched Futura typeface with lots of tracking.

Next came the stationery - from stamps to facade signage.

LUGI facade

Signage on the facade of the factory

LUGI final logo

Final version of the logo

We designed catalogues, posters, invitations, website. Everything design related.

furniture range SOLID

Catalogue of the furniture range SOLID. One side photo, opposite side specs.