Artkunst branding

A modern art gallery needed a new corporate identity. It had to be simple and not collide with the art presented. So we opted for a neutral, minimalistic aesthetic.
Petr Simon - the client came to us with the name Artkunst. We chose Frutiger - a humanist sans serif as the typeface. And tweaked the letter S to resemble paint squeezed from a tube to the palette.

Artkunst logo typography

Typography of the logotype

Auction catalogues and invitations

Apart from the obvious stationery, we designed a catalogue for each auction and invitations for each show.

Artkunst logo typography

Auction catalogued and invitations for individual shows

Two authors exhibition - designing the invitation


Watercolour painting by Císařovský

kaleidoscopeA particularly difficult were invitations for shows with multiple authors. As each had his or her own style, we had to come up with a combination that was harmonious and respected both authors.

We opted for a kaleidoscope, inspired by the children's toy. After downloading a Photoshop plug-in and trying a few variations we got a winner.

The museum of modern art kindly requested to be sent a copy of all show invitations. We we happy to oblige.


Artwork by Sadovská

Cisařovský - Sadovská invitation

Cisařovský - Sadovská final invitation