About us

We die a little inside every time we see a bad design. Be it a website, that doesn't convert visitors a logo with the wrong colours or an e-mail with fluff instead of content that makes users click. We make you see missed opportunities. And then we cut the fat out of your marketing, and it usually hurts. But in the end, when you see how much better it is, you say: "It was worth it." And so will your customers.

People + who we are

We are a small team. Each of us knows something the others don't. And together, we are good at what we do. We obsess with simple solutions that work. We analyse, design and test everything. We also read, a lot (50 books, 46 magazines & 10 000 blog posts per year). You can see what we find important to us on our Blog.

Place + clients

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic. But our clients are all over the world, from USA to Equatorial Guinea. Although we like to meet our clients face to face, we have a couple of them we actually never met in person. Speaking of clients... we have two rules. You have to bring a project that is sensible and you should be a nice person (to work with). It is our experience that if these two things aren't met, the outcome is not the best. And we like to be proud of what we do.

Ducks? What is FatDUX

We have teamed up with an international design agency that creates a better user experience through on- and offline communications and personal service. FatDUX makes sure your company projects a unique and positive image at every customer touch-point. How? By creating an identity that can be used across all media platforms to reinforce consistency. By using a combination of innovative, interactive products and systems. By creating detailed guidelines for designers, developers, and content editors. And by conducting independent usability studies to make sure everything works to our standards and your expectations.

Ondřej Ilinčev - founder

Ondřej Ilinčev - founder

Google Analytics Certificate Google Analytics Ecommerce Certificate WebCEO Professional Marketer Certificate ConversionXL certificate Landing page conversion course Optimizely Platform Certified UX mastery course

Why choose me (and my team)

  • 17 years experience in maximizing revenue, profit and conversions.
  • Clients include Google, Cartier, Shell, Global Payments, Roche, Heineken etc..
  • Average increase in each iteration/test (revenue, orders, average order value, leads) is 26%.
  • Basing all decisions on psychology, analyses, testing and hard data rather than feelings.
  • I have read hundreds of books and tens of thousands of articles on the subject.
  • I have certificates in Conversion rate optimization, Optimizely, Google Analytics, SEO and PPC.
  • I lecture about CRO at universities and companies.